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Microsoft’s red wine vinegar stategy for the cloud

April 5, 2014

I hate to say this, but my love of Microsoft faded a long time ago. Still, my continued commitment, or tolerance, of Microsoft is reflected in my lifestyle where family members each have more than one Windows computer. So it is that we have a great need to be able to find files no matter which device we are using, and as the family CIO, I have to be able to keep it all backed up.

Enter the Cloud and Microsoft’s SkyDrive which has worked adequately for quite some time. Not perfectly mind you, as security is horrid and I have had to home-brew my security measures, which I can share with you. But first, there is the OneDrive update from Microsoft.

The change went almost unnoticed in the ritual of Microsoft Windows Updates, until I wanted to add another notebook in Microsoft OneNote. Part of my security concerns with Microsoft is what to share into the Cloud unencrypted, encrypted or just not shared with the Powers That Be. What confused me was that my SkyDrive folder was gone, even though several notebooks were stored in that path, and OneNote is still configured to use it. But I found a OneDrive folder, where my files, folders and notebooks now seemed to be stored. Sure enough, that update hacked my system to change the name SkyDrive to OneDrive.

Yes, it’s a hack. It is an exception to the normal world of the OS allowing me to name my folders any way I want them. It is not at all elegant. This update personifies Microsoft today — a once venerable enterprise that is now just a company of hacks.  Perhaps they always were.  Bill Gates always did promote getting something, anything, to market as fast as possible.  I’ll have to see if I can find some videos from the old Microsoft conferences where he proselytized this strategy which resulted in every “.0” release being notoriously disdained by corporate IT.

Visiting the official blog explained what I needed to know.  Rather than paraphrase, here are a few quote from other folks regarding the change from SkyDrive to OneDrive:

Carl Blum says:
Whose Brilliant Idea was it to change a Perfectly good name and to screw up millions of computers around the world? Someone Fire everybody who signed off on this move!
Do you ever think of the ramifications of changing a folder name?
 Now, my pathed files cannot be found. Might just as well use a cloud that calls itself a cloud
This is the kind of marketing genius that destroys a good name and good company.

REPLY: Tony says:
The Genius that screwed it up was Sky, Rupert Murdock & his scum media empire, they objected to the name in court. Personally I canceled my Sky TV account last year ‘cos they owned the News of the World which hacked loads of phones inc. the murdered girl Millie Downer’s plus I got sick of paying them £30 a month to watch more adverts than content.

premkumar says:
The old wine in new bottle…. But I like the new update made…..

Well, that sums it up. We all know what happens to old wine.

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