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Alert: New GMail issues

December 13, 2011
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Admittedly, most application problems occur between the keyboard and the chair.  Having said that, I am alerting you to an interesting and painful problem that perhaps you can help me with if you have seen it. I will be sure to report back my folly or findings on the Googlishness of the situation. I am missing messages from Google.

On the same machine, GMail is NOT showing me the same results.  Now, I have cleared the cache and restarted my browsers, but I can clearly see that some of my forwarded messages (those sent today) to a particular forwarded address appear normally in one browser and are completely missing in another.  Filters are off in both browsers.  As of this time, I only see the loss of data only on the new GMail look.

As I snap screenshots of settings and mail results for further study, I would love to hear if you know of GMail problems to be aware of.

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