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Google: the other Microsoft

November 21, 2011

Looking back at my investments, I see that Google has not been a hot stock in a long time.  It channels now, as Microsoft has done for the last decade.  Rather than buy and hold, selling near 600 and buying back near 400 seems to be a better strategy than holding.

It’s no surprise really.  Google is doing its own thing.  That’s been wonderfully innovative at times and totally frustrating at others.  I have 240,000 associates at a Fortune 500 company that are moving from IE6 to IE7, something that many companies are facing.  No, we don’t all use the latest tools just for the sake of change or spending IT dollars.  We actually have to consider interoperability.

It’s too bad that IE7 is no longer supported by Google.  It’s too bad that the new look at Google does not allow backwards compatibility.  It’s too bad Google Sites are unworkable under my IE browser. It’s too bad that change gets introduced for the sake of change.  Well, it’s really for someone’s profit, but when it’s not the end-user’s profit, they shop elsewhere.

It seems that the 1990’s roared in the marketplace with productivity improvement and a corresponding stock prices.  What’s happening this decade? Chaos not productivity. 

Want innovation? Here’s an idea. Consider the impacts of your product changes in the value chain.  Or was that an old idea, that was discarded under the guise of the innovation buzzword?

Done with my rant.  Your turn.  Comments?

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