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What is this Transition For google apps?

June 16, 2011

What does transitioning Google Apps really mean? First, let’s look at what’s on the table.

Google offers a small set of core services under Google Apps (calendar, mail, docs, etc.). It also offers a large number of services which are not administered under Google apps (Blogger, Reader, AdWords, etc.). Google has referred to these two sets of applications as “limited set of messaging applications” and “more applications”.

OK. So what? Well, your domain administrator controls the messaging applications in the “old” Google Apps. By transitioning to the “new” Google Apps, your domain administrator will be able to control your access to the other applications. It can also position Google to better track you with a single profile under Google Apps, rather than many profiles, one for each application.

Before bringing these other applications under the Google Apps umbrella, many users had already signed up for these applications, using their Google Apps domain email. This causes a myriad of migration problems. Google offers you to the ability to transition, or be transitioned. Good luck in either case. There are at least a few known issues.

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