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Google sticks with just Earth after map of the universe is published.

January 11, 2011

Scientists have long disagreed over to theories about the origins of our universe.

The best known is the Big Bang theory. It suggests that the Universe, as we can observe it, began in a very, very small space and quickly expanded outward in all directions.  Because the edges of that explosion are still accelerating, even now, the very “space” we exist in seems to have formed to fill the vacuum of nothingness that existed before, and outside of, the explosion.

A map of the universe was recently produced by the European Space Agency and discussed in a superb article from Discover Magazine

The unobservable and unimaginable part of the theory is how all of this energy came to exist in such a small place to begin with.  Much has been written and much has been argued about the initial state.  In short, it can be said, that everyone agrees that universe did exist this way at one time, but we haven’t a clue as to why. 

However, now scientists think that M-Theory (multi-verse) could explain the initial conditions, where a tremendous amount of energy is contained in a very small space. Based on string theory, these three-dimensional existences (universes like ours) may be in motion.  Colliding interactions between the universes (called branes) could explain why our universe started from such a small point.  If branes (parallel universes) exist and collide, something’s got to give – in a big way.

The next time you get a static electric shock, think of three-dimensional planes of existence, colliding and releasing a tremendous amount of energy.  Badda Bing, Badda Bang!  Zap! That hurt!  But bigger — LOTS bigger!

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