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Love from Lucite

January 5, 2011

Rusted inside.

I love the look of a fresh coat of paint. While some of my paint cans go back well over 10 years, this one was a NEW can of Lucite paint from PPG, Pittsburgh Paints. Surprise!

While nothing appeared problematic on the outside, I was having trouble opening the lid. Why? Because hidden inside, the rim of the can had completely rusted Of course, prying open that lid has now contaminated the paint.

This would be easy to fix if I had my receipt I could walk into any store that I purchased it from and return it NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

So, I called PPG in Chicago and asked about the warranty.

Defective Pittsburgh Paint can manufacturingThe young man on the phone encouraged me to return the can where I purchased it, even as I repeated several times that I did not keep my receipt. Who takes products back these days without a receipt?

“What about the warranty you have on the side of the paint can?”, I asked. “Bring it in.”, he said. Not for an exchange however! He could “…pour off the contaminated part” and I could “keep whatever is left”.

 WOW! What a warranty!

 That’s love? Love is keeping your receipts!

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