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IDES – To Fax or To Fix? That is the question.

January 4, 2011

Computers are like knives.  Fine tools in the hands of a skilled user.  Dangerous otherwise.

Last week, an automatic dialer phoned me and said there were new procedures for the unemployed getting Extended Benefits.  Instructions will arrive in the mail.

Today was certification day.  No instructions have arrived.  I tried using the website.  It rejected my certification with a message “You may print this screen for proof of your attempt to file.” ROFL there is not a single reference to my name or SSN to indicate that screen had anything to do with me personally.

I tried to phone Teleserve.  The new question programmed into the automated system was something like “Have you faxed or mailed your Work Search Form to the appropriate address?”  No! WHAT ADDRESS? WHAT FAX?  WHERE ARE MY INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MAIL?  I checked the mail.  Ads, but nothing from IDES.

I emailed AND faxed my Worknet counselor for advice.  No response.  That’s not unusual.  They are booked 45 days in advance if you want an appointment.

I drove down to the IDES office and waited in line with a copy of my last two weeks of search history.  In line, the nice girl at the desk was talking to the people ahead of me about similar problems.  They could not get through on the fax line.  She took their forms and made them copies to keep.  She was very nice.

I explained that I did not get any instructions.  That did not matter, she could take my forms.  She gave me the fax number for future use.  I could now call Teleserve and confirm my search history was “sent in”.

I spent the rest of the day until well after dinner trying to get past the busy signals to Certify for Benefits.  BTW, that really puts a dent in your job hunting day.  I got through near the close of the IDES telephone hours.

After additional research, I stumbled upon a form on the IDES site for Extended Benefits.  OMG, this is a similar but different form!  Obsessing over the difference, I cut and paste my work search onto this new form, signed it and faxed it in.  Of course, the fax machine was not working.  Just like the folks in line ahead of me reported.

Q.E.D. There is no God.

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  1. January 16, 2011 12:11 pm

    sign me up

  2. Jeff Golden permalink
    December 28, 2012 1:44 am

    Same and worse. Busy, left message every day for calls requested (by IDES, twice), no callbacks, they call for scheduled appointment and suddenly disconnected? Hung up? No resolution. 3rd world experience. Unemployed, no income, deemed (by IDES) “Not ineligible,” and no unemployment compensation.

  3. WindyCat permalink
    December 6, 2013 2:41 am

    In 2013,..still the same crap…busy fax machines. I tried to fax them some documents from my school and the fax number is ALWAYS busy!! So annoyed. I’m going down there first thing in the morning because they are closed now…its 4:39PM.

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