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Design Dynamics – Functional Consequences

January 2, 2011

Comment form to leave a reply
This form is beautiful.

  • The whitespace entices the reader to fill the void and enter their comments and suggestions.
  • The Submit call to action is in the iconic traditional location for which the web oriented brain has been programmed through millions of behavioural confirmations.
  • The dialog is footnoted with an informational message that is concise, meaningful and visually balanced.
  • The Check Spelling link colorfully decorates the form, perched delicately atop the input field.

WTF? It’s WHERE? Check spelling is a function not a graphic! It’s placement on the form is VERY IMPORTANT.

  • It should be peformed AFTER the user has entered their comments.
  • It should be used immediately BEFORE the user presses Submit.

In it’s current position, the Check Spelling link drifts away from the user’s cursor as the user types. The more prolific the user, the farther away it drifts. At the same time, the more the user types, the more potential value the Check Spelling function has! Perched atop the comment field, it diminishes in value, out of sight, out of mind, until is it completely worthless.

Some might argue, worse than worthless, because the user that is not allowed to edit a comment on a forum such as this was found, can only be aggrevated by finding a typo and being unable to fix it. The spell check is in the wrong place. It SHOULD rest between the text field and the Submit button.


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