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Alternatives to Quicken

December 14, 2010
Cash Account

Is there any importance to great customer service and technical support? As I look back, I see that I started using Quicken when it was a Chipsoft product long before being acquired by Intuit. I have to say I was a raving fan of the product up until about 2006. Sure, a lot of nice features have come along, but some annoyances too. That’s another story. Today, as I wait impatiently for technical support to solve what seems to be a server problem, now two weeks old, I am getting around to looking at alternatives to Quicken.

A quick Google search shows many more alternatives than I expected for Quicken. Chipsoft’s product was not the biggest kid on the block when I got started with it, so a new name should not be summarily dismissed. It will take some time to consider them all, but here is an initial list of candidates.

Cash Account

I cannot foresee what might be learned from looking at these alternatives, but it seems I have some time to investigate while I continue to wait for Quicken tech support to solve my existing problems. What was the importance of good support? Oh, just that of maintaining market share and revenue streams from up-sell and cross-sell products as well as maintenance streams from product upgrades.

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