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Comcast tries for outages not completed in prior week.

December 6, 2010

Comcast zero speed internetFrom 7:30 PM CST Sunday to nearly 1:00 AM on Monday, Comcast did not provide service to many customers in the Midwest.

One could have guessed that this was a significant outage because AT&T provided a fast busy signal, indicating the trunk lines exceeded capacity in handling all the calls to Comcast support phone numbers.

Frustrated by the lack of phone support, many customers called the separate Comcast TV support number. Operators answered that either they did not know of any outage or that since it was a separate department there was nothing they could do. Of course, supervisors to those front line operators explained that there was indeed an outage in the area and of course, Comcast was working on it.

However, although every supervisor can credit customers for outages, everyone would have to call back the next day for a billing credit. This is somewhat akin to rebate programs, where management hopes that many people will not bother to send in a rebate, or call back for a credit in this case, which of course hurts Comcast revenues.

We can only conjecture whether the technique of placing a customer on hold and disconnecting them has become part of the training program, but there may be evidence the experience is becoming more common with the user community.

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