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IT Call Center Metrics for Teleserve?

October 26, 2010

What is the number one accessibility measure for a call center? That would be blockages — busy signals. Most call centers measure blockage by time of day occurrences of an “all trunks busy” condition. One has to wonder then, what the State of Illinois is measuring when Illinois residents cannot get through for their bi-weekly certification procedure. This editor logged over 100 tries before connecting during the open hours of 5:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Now, 100 tries does not seem like much in a computerized world, but you cannot use the AT&T feature of *66 for repeat dialing with this number. One can only imagine what horrible load must be going on that ATT blocks this number from being a burden on their auto-dialers. My next job hunt expense will be for a smart phone where I can find “an app. for that”, so that I can spend my time looking for a job rather than trying to report that I looked for a job.

Online certification at would be ideal. Ironically, the State of Illinois has decided that you cannot certify on the web under all conditions. If your benefits have run out, you must certify via the Teleserve phone number 888-337-7234. If there is any logic to this it must go something like “If we can annoy these people, they will stop calling. If they stop calling, we cannot include them in the unemployed and still looking for work category, making the economic problems seem less problematic for Illinois. They are no longer receiving benefits anyway, so they should stop wasting our computer resources for government reporting.

Is Illinois really broke or is it just broken?


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