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WordPress Ah-ha! – How to organize a site.

September 28, 2010

I am toying with how to build a site but I am committed, or some might say that I should be committed, to writing a post regularly. So with many ideas rumbling around in my head, I have been trying to figure out how to organize these things called pages and posts. Which do I use for what? More importantly, how do I get my posts organized into nice neat piles, groups, what do you want to call them – categories?

After struggling a bit, an “Ah ha!” moment came as I was reading about menus. Forget putting pages and posts in your menu. Build your menu with categories. Categorize each post. Life couldn’t be simpler!

Let’s say for instance that you write a few posts that are broadly technology related. Be sure to categorize each post as “Technology”. How?

WordPress - Edit categories

Edit categories on the Posts page


  • Add a category when you write the post or
  • Use the Thumb Tack icon to find all your existing posts. Set the category on each post there.

  • Perhaps you might write several more posts on “The Economy”.

    Now that you have a couple of sample posts, create a Menu.

    Wordpress Menu page

    Create your own site menu

    Navigate to the Menu page via the Appearance icon. Create a new menu from scratch. Include your home page and the Category names that you want to appear in your menu bar. After hitting the Save Menu button, look to the left side of the Menu page at the Theme Locations box. Change the Primary Navigation to use your new menu name and Save.

    Finally, you can visit your home page and find that your custom navigation menu includes the category names you wanted. Clicking on your custom menu, displays a list of all your posts in that category.

    Categories in the menu bar

    The categories in your custom menu become your site navigation.

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